Set slatted frame – with these three pieces of advice it works

10 Apr

1. Consider body weight

Your specific body weight influences the setting of the slatted frame. The heavier you are, the more stable you should set the middle zone of the slatted frame. To increase the degree of hardness, the distance is usually to increase between the sliders. Overweight people should also consider buying a special slatted frame.

2. Define zones

A slatted frame usually consists of five zones, each of which is assigned to one part of the body: leg, pelvis, loins, shoulder, and head. The individual zones can be adjusted by the so-called adjusting slide. Overall, it is recommended to set the slatted frame in the shoulder and pelvic area softer. In the foot and head area, however, a firmer sleeping pad is needed.

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3. Observe lying position

Are you more likely to sleep on your back or are you an abdominal or side dormouse? Then you should also adjust your slatted frame depending on the type of sleep. The lying areas must be adapted to the different load due to a certain sleeping position. When adjusting the zones of the slatted base, the following should be observed depending on the sleeping position:

The dormouse:

Back sleepers should definitely buy a slatted frame with central zone reinforcement. For the supine position, the pelvic area must be set harder than usual. With this setting, the spine is kept as straight as possible. A hollow cross is prevented.

The abdominal dormouse:

Abdominal sleepers need support throughout the body. However, you should especially strengthen the pelvic area. The pelvis must be well supported to avoid sagging of the spine. In this area, place the slats of the slatted frame outwards.

The side sleeper:

Side sleepers need above all a soft shoulder zone for high sleeping comfort. This allows the shoulders to sink effortlessly and deeply enough. In addition, some slatted frames also have a mechanical shoulder lowering. An example is the Biller beck Classic slatted adjustable.

When lying on your side, you sleep perfectly in the direction of the spine, if the pelvic area is rather soft. The soft pelvic zone does not burden the spine too much. Slatted frames such as the Hn8 Quattro plus have, in addition to an adjustable central zone, a shoulder and a pelvic lowering.

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