Memory foam mattresses:

10 Apr

How many times have you gone to bed that you felt like a lion and got up that you felt like a rag? This doesn’t mean that we didn’t know how to sleep properly, but rather than our old mattress had given everything it could and it was time to change it. It was in this way that we, like so many other people, discovered the new memory foam mattresses that have now invaded the market.

These latest generation mattresses represent the future of “sweet sleep”. Thanks to them the weight of the body is distributed evenly over the entire mattress. Since we own it, it is much easier to maintain a correct posture during the night. It supports every movement of our body and its ideal configuration is combined with a good network of wooden slats. In the following table, I have chosen memory foam mattresses for you and I have listed some of the features to get to know them better.

How was the memory foam-born?

As we saw above, the memory material, originally known as Temper Foam, was invented by NASA in the early 1980s to absorb the effects of the G force to which astronauts were subjected when departing and returning from space. With this material patented by NASA, paddings of baby seats and those of space suits were built. The patent was held by NASA for about twenty years.

When the American space agency decided to make it public, companies immediately decided to make the first mattresses that contained this material. Its characteristics of absorption of weight, its distribution and the adaptability that they had to heat immediately made us think that we could build the definitive mattress.

Unfortunately, the problems encountered in the early years concerned above all the too high cost of the memory raw material. It seemed that so much fuss had been of little use and the first mattresses were not very successful, precisely because they had too high a list price.

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Fortunately, over the years the cost of these materials has fallen inexorably and with it also the price of memory mattresses, which in the meantime had grown and evolved compared to the first models. Slowly, but inexorably, foam memory mattresses have recovered the space they deserved.

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