QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray USB Sensors Size 2

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First launched in 1999, the QuickRay brand is well known for its robust and high-quality sensors. More than 8,000 sensors have been installed in North America. QuickRay USB sensors are compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Both child and adult sizes have rounded corners and smooth edges to optimize patient comfort. Sensor failure is greatly reduced by the new impact-resistant technology and replaceable cable feature. For more information, visit the Web site denterpriseintl.com

Paying too Much for Dental Sensors & Dental Sensor Warranties?
The QuickRay dental sensor gives you the highest digital dental sensor x-ray resolution, pristine image clarity, connects directly to your computer's USB port, and no special interface box is needed! The QuickRay USB digital dental sensor offers rounded corners and smooth edges to optimize patient comfort while receiving a dental x-ray. The QuickRay USB dental sensor is also the fastest intraoral dental sensor on the market!

Digital Dental Sensors
The QuickRay USB digital dental sensors greatest advantage is gain in time. Digital X-ray images project directly onto the dentist's computer screen in just 3-seconds. Our exclusive line of digital dental sensors are designed and manufactured by e2v and are available in different sizes appropriate for children (size 1) or adults (size 2). The thin (less than 1/4") intraoral dental sensors include a CMOS image sensor chip, CsI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, shock absorbers, tough polyamide housing and polyurethane cable.

Product Features

  • Image Quality
    • Less Graininess
    • Industry-Leading Contrast Resolution
    • Industry-Leading Spatial Resolution
  • Patient Comfort
    • Rounded corners
    • Thin Sensor Plate
    • Low Profile Button
  • Designed For Durability
    • Thinner Cord — Direct USB sensor to computer
    • Sturdier Cord Jacket
    • Protected Against Fluids/Contaminants
    • Safer Vertical Bitewings
    • Repair Option
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Broad Range of Acceptable Exposure
    • Snag-Resistant Cord
    • Easy Cabling
    • Standard Holder Systems
    • Easier Cleaning

QuickRay sensor comes with both a 2 year warranty against defects and a 7 year replacement cost guarantee against accidental damage. No Enrollment Fees and No Annual Fees.

Imaging Software

  • New installations: QuickImage software is delivered with all QuickRay sensor kits (30-day free trial)
  • Existing installations of Dexis, Schick,Kodak, VixWin, or other Windows systems: QuickRay Connect is a plugin compatibility adapter.
  • Existing installations of MacPractice or RadioVision: QuickRay Mac is a plugin compatibility adapter.


QuickRay USB Sensor Size 2


  • Quickray Sensor Alone: Size 2
  • Sensor Positioner Kit
  • Hygienic sleeves 500 Count
  • CD Driver & Correction Disc
  • Imaging SOftware

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QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray USB Sensors Size 2

QuickRay Digital Imaging X-Ray USB Sensors Size 2

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